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What is the One single thing holding us back from an amazing life?

Here is how you can beat it.

Morning Motivation Series.

Better remain silent; better not even think if you are not prepared to act. - Annie Besant

How many of you come to the year-end and look back and say, “What have I done this year?” It ended the same way as last year.

In some cases, your last five years haven’t changed, and you have not achieved what you were trying to achieve. If this is you, read on.

Our biggest problem is not knowing what we want or planning it. It all boils down to one thing and one thing alone - Execution. Some of us are terrible at it. Actually, Terrified is the right word to use. We are terrified of taking action, and we keep putting it off.

You know the feeling. I don’t feel like doing it today. I had a __________ day (You fill in the blank). It’s ok. I’ll do it tomorrow.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Tomorrow never comes.”

That is why we never achieve our goals. It’s always pushed a day ahead, then the day after, and then….

The only way to get things moving is to start. I know easier said than done, but the irony is that it isn’t as hard as we make it to be.

It is usually the first step that is the hardest. I know I faced this only yesterday. I have wanted to start using Tik Tok for my business for the longest time, but I would keep putting it off because I have never used it before, and it just felt very complicated.

I love Gary Vaynerchuk; he gives some fantastic advice that can make you loads of money if followed and applied. The problem is most of us are too scared to use the advice.

Gary says that if you want to make it big on Tik Tok and build a brand for yourself, you will need to post a minimum of 4 Tik Tok videos in a day. I tried making my first ever, but this is what happened.

When I started making the video, my mind went into overdrive, and the excuses came forth like a tidal wave. What if my friends make fun of me? What would people say? I am too old for Tik Tok. What value can I bring to the platform?

These and a bunch of excuses kept coming to my head, and I was frozen. Do you know what I did? I ignored the voice in my head and just did it.

The minute I started, the fear was gone. Just like that, in a blink of an eye. You see, there will never be a perfect time than now, and you just need to keep telling yourself that.

The only way to achieve all your goals and dreams is by blocking out the noise in your head and “Just do it”, as the Nike slogan states.

So coming back to today’s quote, “Better remain silent, better not even think, if you are not prepared to act. - Annie Besant

This quote means if you are not going to take action, which is the key to success, don’t tell others what to do. Don’t even think about any ideas you want to implement in your life unless you are willing to take action, and that to massive action.

So to conclude, don’t let your life go by year by year not achieving what you want from life. We’ve been hurt and wasted loads of time, but that can all change. All we need to do is take massive action to achieve all our goals, and in a year, you will achieve more than what you have in the last five years.

Best of luck!

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