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How the number 86,400 has changed my life and why I am getting it Tattooed to my forearm.

The 5 most essential areas in life that need changing for a more fulfilling life.


I've started living my life according to this number. In fact, I am thinking of getting a tattoo of that on my forearm. My wife laughs and says I get scared of giving blood; how will I ever get a Tattoo? Fine, I'll use a marker, but I want it to be a reminder to me daily….. 86,400.

Why 86,400? What is 86,400, and why does it matter? It is the number of seconds we have to get things done in a day. All of us are given the same amount of seconds in a day, and some of us use them efficiently while some of us waste them away. I know I have wasted a lot of those seconds throughout my life. However, as I turn older, I realize how important every second counts.

You see, we are all given 86,400 seconds daily. Imagine being given a daily amount of money that you have to utilize — your daily budget. You use the money efficiently and wisely or waste it; it's entirely up to you. The amount doesn't get carried forward into the next day, and it just lapses.

The same applies here to the number of seconds you have each day. You have 86,400 seconds; you can't carry it forward. It ends at midnight, and it always ends. Let that sink in. It ends; it always comes to an end. The question is, are you utilizing it effectively?

I don't want to waste mine. There is another side to this. Ever since I have started living my life according to 86,400 seconds, my life feels more fulfilling. Here are the five (5) areas that I have seen improved in my life because of 86,400.

1. Stop wasting time and focus on what's important: You are reminded that time is ticking away every day. You realize that you need to do things that will make an impact. It can be anything from helping others to just enjoying something that makes you happy. The beauty of 86,400 seconds is that you are focusing on seconds. But that's huge. For some reason, thinking you are losing 24 hours vs several seconds hits home. 24 hours doesn't impact me as much as the number 86,400 does. I guess the colossal number has a more significant impact.

When you focus on 86,400, you start concentrating on the important stuff: family, things you have always wanted to do, spending time with parents/grandparents etc. I'm not saying you have to stop working and only enjoy life. No, you will start to focus on the right work, which is important to you. You will easily say "No" to time-wasting activity, and you'll see the importance of time.

2. No more fear: Overall, fear will disappear, especially the fear that holds us back the most, i.e. the fear of what others will think. The fear that others will judge us. I have noted in my case that many things I have wanted to do in life never happened because of my fear of others' opinions of me. This slight fear of judgment was massive and held me back in so many areas of my life. That all changed when I started to focus on 86,400, and it never mattered anymore. You will understand that your purpose is more important than what others think or say about you. You will encounter freedom.

3. No more Stress: Suddenly, you feel like the stress in your life melts away. That overwhelming feeling subsides. The stress of not getting things done vanishes as your focus becomes more laser-like on what is more important. You will be able to plan like a master planner and execute with ease. You will stop second-guessing and start hitting Goals that you thought were never possible. You will begin to see the unachievable become achievable.

4. Become more spiritual: I don't mean religious when I say spiritual. Spiritual to me is when you are one with all. When there is a connection, you have a link to every living thing on Earth. You will feel as if you are high on something. It's an exhilarating feeling, a feeling that you are in control. Life becomes easy. It is like synchronicities are occurring. If you need the right connections, the right people will show up in your life to get things done, and everything you do will happen with ease, as if what you are doing is meant to be. You are in the Flow. In addition, you will feel a new level of gratitude. You will start to love life. You will look at life as a gift.

5. Find your purpose: The biggest takeaway for me from 86,400 seconds is that I realized what I needed to do in no time. Call it my calling, the reason why I was placed here on Earth. All of a sudden, there was excitement in my life. I would wake up with a spring in my step, looking to live life to the fullest. Work didn't feel like work anymore (I started focusing on other projects that I was more interested in). It felt like play. There is, however, one caveat to this. Ensure your calling can be monetized. It shouldn't be that you are doing something that will not lead to earning money directly or indirectly.

These were the five immediate changes I saw happen in my life, and I loved them. After a very long time, my life felt as if it had meaning.

86,400 seconds became a game-changer for me. I have truly learned that life is a gift from God, and I am so grateful for it. I feel a sense of love in my heart that was never there.

The only thing I can humbly request from you, the reader, is to live life with 86,400 seconds in mind. You will start to see the miracle of life in front of you, realize how precious life truly is, and not waste it on insignificant endeavors. You will start living a life of meaning, one that God truly placed us here on Earth for.


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