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And so it Begins

For many years now I have been wanting to start my own blog on stuff that I enjoy talking about. However, my biggest excuse was I did not have enough the time.

Then I started thinking, I keep reading about Productivity and Personal development and how we just find excuses every time and decided to use Nike’s slogan and “Just do it”.

So today I make a commitment to myself and all of you that I will take out time to write. Apart from this I promise to help others in the areas that I have specialized in throughout the years including those areas that have been a passion to me. I promise to blog a minimum of 3 -4 times a week no matter what.

I know I am going to suck initially but I need to start somewhere. My blog will comprise of no fancy writing, just something that anyone and everyone can understand. So all you English teachers / professionals, please do not judge me as this is being done intentionally so that I can target and help as many people (even those whose English is a second language).

I am also promising to improve the website and its format along with giving as much value as I can possibly give.

I hope and pray that I get a number of followers as time progresses. If you use a RSS reader please add my RSS feed to the reader you use. If you are not sure what an RSS reader is, feel free to drop me a line in my contact me area and I will be happy to guide you. This way and you will always be able to follow my post and not miss a thing.

You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. You will be able to do so by clicking on the floating Social Media Icons on the site.

Once again if you are interested in mailing me for a Speaking Engagement, a Training or just plainly want to say Hi! You can do so by clicking on the Contact me Section and leaving a message.

I truly hope and pray that this blog will be able to help you as much as possible.

Take Care,

Bryce Barrows

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