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Whoever sits in a cubicle becomes replaceable.

I am a pretty avid reader and at times come across some very interesting ideas while reading or maybe a quote that will get me thinking.

Which brings me to a book that I recently started reading called “Choose Yourself! by James Altucher”. In the book Altucher makes a very telling statement which got me thinking.

He states that “Whoever sits in a cubicle becomes replaceable” and I can’t agree more. Yes many of you will say that if you are a hard worker and good at your job there is nothing to fear. I would have said the same about a year or two back but not anymore.

You see after downsizing close to 2300 odd people in my HR career (especially during Acquisitions and Mergers) I have seen that it really does not matter if you are good or not if another company is taking over yours chances are that they will choose their guy over you.

Which brings me back to my point. “Whoever sits in a cubicle becomes replaceable”. The term that I have heard so many times is no one is irreplaceable really means something in this day and age.

So if you work in a cushy job with one source of income; you better start worrying and take action now. Look for alternative sources of income. Anything can happen, anytime. In a down economy you really don’t know what upper management will do and if you would be on that dreaded list.

My suggestion start building something you can call your own. Work in your free time on side projects and once you know you are doing okay and that you have a good chance succeeding with it. Kick your job goodbye.

Some people will say I am nuts but seriously, take a step back and think a bit from a long term perspective. Do you really see yourself doing the same thing for the years to come?

When you wake up in the morning do you jump out of bed and go out the door with a skip in your step to work?

Chances are it’s a big “No!”

Then it is about time to start thinking about starting something of your own.

It is the most invigorating feelings you can ever have.

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